Organisation of the seminar

During the winter semester 2020/21 we meet every Thursday at 13:30 via zoom and discuss a paper together. One student has to prepare and lead the discussion. This implies to prepare a presentation which condenses and summarize the results to the other participants. This presentation is to make sure that everybody understood the methods and the results well enough for discussion.

“Leading the discussion” means to encourage discussion by asking questions, pointing to unclear or interesting parts of the paper, etc. An incomplete, informal “paper checklist” is provided below to help us when reading a paper.

Suggest a paper for discussion

Everybody is allowed (encouraged!) to suggest a paper for discussion. Write an email with your suggestions and I will update the paper list.

In principle you can submit a paper about any topic, but you should pay attention to a couple of points:

Selection of the next paper

The selection procedure for the following week will follow three steps:

Paper checklist

General questions:

Writing, structure:

Scientific rigor:

Book recommendation

We warmly recommend reading the book by Joshua Schimel: Writing Science: How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded (Oxford university press). Or David M Schultz: Eloquent Science. A practical guide to becomig a better Writer, Speaker & Atmospheric Scientist (Springer).